Established in 1992, our faculty started to education in Department of Economics in 1993-1994 academic year, in Department tBusiness Administration in 1996-1997, and in Department of Political Science and International Relations in 1999-2000. In 2014-2015, Department of Economics has opened English (100%) program. In 2018-2019, Department of Business Administration has opened English (100%) program. Department of Political Science and International Relations provides education in English (30%). All of our three departments also provide post-graduate education programs.

Our faculty started its activities in Yıldız Campus Çukursaray building and continued in Yıldız Palace Yaverler Department. Yıldız Palace Yaverler Department was the host of the Mekteb-i Mülkiye (now known as Ankara University Faculty of Political Sciences) between 1925-1936, which was moved to Ankara at the request of Atatürk. Since the academic year 2015-2016, our faculty has been providing education in its newly built modern building on Davutpaşa Campus.