Dean's Message
Dear Students,
You can proud of being the member of the dynamic and young faculty founded for over 20 years, situated at the long-standing university has been in existence for 100 years. Foundation of Faculty of Economics and Administration Science is very meaningful within the body of the Yıldız Technical University, one of the important technical universities in our country. It shall be indicated that change and development in the worldwide lead to this decision.
Based on the urbanization and developments in technology, the employment rate is in decrease in the sector such as agriculture and industrial, meanwhile, it is in massive increase in the service sector. In fact, development of the service sector means that people can easily access to the services such as education, health care service etc, in other words, it means the increase in the quality of the life. Therefore, necessity of the educated human resources, aimed at enhancing the quality of the life, lead to the foundation of the faculty of economics and administrative sciences within the body of the technical university. Our faculty intends to meet this requirement by the departments of Economics, Business Administration and Political Science and International Relations.
Fast changes and development in the worldwide is tried to be explained by the notion of the globalization. Globalization which gains accelerate due to the developments in the communication and transportation has profound influence on the human by its several dimensions. Global competition is one of the said dimensions.
In order to struggle with the global competition, it must have the sustainable competition tools. Human capital – could also be defined as an intellectual capital - is the main sustainable competition tools. Human capital is described as a knowledge that could be owned and improved by every individual. This capital includes knowledge, creativeness, and ability to solve problems, entrepreneurship and leadership owned by the workers with respect to the organization. In here, it is aimed that you acquire the said knowledge and skills.
Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences of Yıldız Technical University has a purpose to prepare students for their future career through the global knowledge and vision oriented to the developments of the society, enhance the quality of the living and being the leadership for the scientific research. Besides, our faculty adopts the vision to educate students in order that they’re entrepreneur, creative, researcher, sensible to the society and environment and able to shape the future.
With respect to your education, our initial competencies are knowledge of our university for over 100 years, our background and experienced academician. You make a preference consciously while choosing your department that you receive education and our university. I believe that you would see that how accurate your preference at the end of your education at our university, having all kind of background and close cooperation with business world. Also, I wish you a continuous success.
Best Regards,Prof. Dr. Kenan AYDIN