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Civic Involvement Project was initiated in 2002 as an elective course with three credits. The course mainly aims to build a bridge between the Yıldız University and the Non Governmental Organizations so as to enable our students work at those institutions and be aware of and sensitive to the issues, and problems of people coming from different segments of Turkish society. Starting from the point that students generally spend their university years only focusing on their academic activities and isolating themselves from the current problems of the state and the society, this course basically aims to teach the Yıldız students to be aware, involved, responsible and to advocate for positive change.  Our motto is “paying forward the debt we all owe society”. The Civic Involvement Projects range widely from Ümraniye prison, to Bakırköy Mental Hospital. These projects are currently conducted with the idea that we should do something to help instead of complaining. Another aim of the course is to make our students understand that it is a necessity to share our assets such as knowledge with people who are less fortunate than us. In this context, the main concern of these projects is to give our students life long success apart from career success which enables the Yıldız students to take initiative, to work collectively and to be more self confident  so as to act militantly in  shaping and coping with the chronic issues of Turkey.

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