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Our faculty was established in 1992 under the premises of Yıldız Technical University which has a distinctive past of more than 100 years in education. Our faculty started its academic activities first with the Department of Economics in the academic year of 1993-1994. Afterwards, two more departments were founded; the Business Administration Department (1996-1997) and the Political Science and International Relations Department (1999-2000). Our faculty which was first located in Çukursaray Building, was later on removed to Yıldız Palace Yaverler Dairesi and the academic life in our faculty has been continuing in the same building since 2000. The political science education in our faculty building which had been known as "Mekteb-i Mulkiye" started in 1925 and lasted until 1936. Later, upon Ataturk's wish, political science education continued at Faculty of Political Science, Ankara University in Ankara.